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crimen, no hay justicia. >> the 16th-century metaphysical poet john donne said, "no man is an island, entire of itself." in fact, as social beings, we are connected. but beyond that...virtually everything we experience -- in nature as well as human activity -- involves a series of connections that link one thing to another. networks, you might say, make the world go round. [ indistinct chattering ] meet raymond price: media tycoon, power broker, and center of attention. this is his party, his network. enter joe smith. he's just crashed the social event of the year and apparently doesn't know a soul. but this is one network joe would like to join. now, if he could only get connected. >> nice party. >> mr. price knows how to entertain. >> you know raymond price? >> no. i'm too low on that totem pole. apparently, even my date thinks so. >> does he know... >> i don't know. but i'm sure he knows somebody who knows somebody who -- well, you know what i mean. >> and he left you just hanging here? >> disconnected. >> joe's working the social network for an introduction. but this is just one
/mother, and yin and yang it seems equal? >> that's the question i had too, yes. >> well john is right, it is a patriarchal society has evolved that way and may be in a sense - confucianism, as it became institutionalized in the hong dynasty about 2,000 years ago, long after confucius by the way, but they set up these rules to basically one can say, reinforce a patriarchal system. but, in essence the yin yang relationship is not just sort of male/female and dominant/recessive, it is more dynamic than that. it's more like the light on the mountain, and the light in the morning, and the light in the evening, that you can't have one without the other. that each depends on the other for its very existence. that's that interdependence sort of aspect here that the dot on the other side that, high and low, light and dark, life and death. you can't have life as we know it without the concept of death. in fact, this harmonization of opposites is i think an opening to looking at male/female relationships in a positive way. not just statically saying one is above and the other is below, but to sa
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2